Restyle Intervention

Our services vary depending on your needs and desires for your property. Sometimes all it takes is a fresh eye and a few helpful tips to get the restyle started using your existing furniture. Hey but don’t worry. If it all seems a bit overwhelming no problem. We can help where needed. The first step is to meet and chat about your goals or your challenges with the property. The consult is always the way to start and then we can take it from there.

$75/90 minutes
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Strategic Strategy Session

Selling a property is very stressful. There is so much that you don’t have control over; buyers, market, weather…anything and everything that affects a house sale. There is one area that you have total control over and that is your property and how you can get it ready for listing.

As I am sure you are already aware, staging plays a big part in bringing buyers to your door. But all these staging/reno t.v. shows, radio shows, magazines, ugh, what to do?

Let us help by taking the guess work out of your situation with quick tips and guidance and all the steps to prepare your property for market.

$90/120 minutes plus e-summary
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Pre-Staging Consultation

Buyers will make a judgment within seconds of viewing a home as to how the rest of it will show, so make sure to grab their attention from start to finish.

Even before a buyer sees a property, 78% of his or her decision has already been made based on size and location.

My job as your pre-staging advisor is to help your client prepare their property for sale. Depending on the needs of your client we will start with an hour consultation to evaluate the property.

Once the consultation is completed we can call it a day or carry on with further assistance. From a day makeover to a full staging of a vacant property. Whatever your need.

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Relieving the emotional toil

Why downsizing?  Kids are grown, financial situation has changed or you just need a change. Whatever the reason deciding to finally pull the trigger can be daunting.

Like everything in life having a goal and a plan to get there makes the journey so much more enjoyable. This is where we can help.

Lets sit down and chat about the goal, whether it’s for you or your parents,
and start the plan.

If you would like more details drop me a line